Iron Foot Studios

Our Projects

Fallen Earth

A post-apocalyptic MMO set in 2156 in a world destroyed by nuclear war and mutating viruses, players take the role of clones forging their way through the wasteland, forming alliances and choosing to either rebuild or destroy the fledgling civilizations they encounter.

Fallen Earth is a free-to-play game published by GamersFirst and available to download here.

Wingsuit CUTE

Iron Foot Studios' first mobile game, Wingsuit CUTE lets players guide adorable animals in wingsuits down cliffs, through deserts and over trees, avoiding obstacles and gathering snackies, treats and collectables.

Wingsuit CUTE is available now at the iTunes App store.

About Us

Iron Foot Studios was founded in June 2013 by Cory Farris, Matt Hogan and Marie Steel, dedicated game developers with years of industry experience. As Iron Foot Studios they are committed to delivering high quality games for players of all ages through a variety of platforms.


Marie Steel    

Lead Designer

Marie has had many jobs; from her start in sales, to her time as a writer, and a brief stint as a director, she is most proud of her work with the Iron Foot Studios team. When Marie is not working, she enjoys watching hockey, football, baseball and Grey's Anatomy.


Matt Hogan

Technical Director

As a programmer, Matt has limitless patience for even the most convoluted code. His tireless work on projects both daunting and simple is the cornerstone to the success of Iron Foot Studios. When he's not untangling lines of code, he can be found whipping up a batch of homemade macarons or fine tuning his vast army of miniatures.


Cory Farris   

Art Director

Cory is a dynamic exciting artist with an eye for highly detailed models but a passion for adorable sprites. Cory has worked in the game industry for over a decade on projects ranging from serious games for military training, to massively multiplayer shooters, casual mobile games and UI designs. Cory enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and three adorable children, as well as playing golf, and of course video gaming.